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Christian Mediation in Phoenix, Arizona

From business disputes to family mediation, we can help resolve conflicts without the need for costly and damaging litigation.

Phoenix MediationChristian Mediation is the ideal solution for Christian families and businesses in Phoenix and throughout the United States looking for a biblical alternative to litigation in a courtroom. Biblical mediation is an effective alternative for Christians who need to resolve a dispute, but would rather keep the matter out of the courts and preserve the relationship between parties after the dispute has been settled. Mediation serves to create a peaceful solution to the various disputes that can arise between organization, businesses, families, and even individuals. Our goal, through Christian mediation, is to offer that same solution while adhering to the principles and guidance of the Bible.

Unlike courtrooms, where a judge and/or jury decide which party is “right” and which is “wrong,” in Arizona, just like all other states, biblical mediation seeks a solution that is mutually beneficial for both parties. The emphasis, especially for family mediation, is on compromise and communication rather than on “winning” your case. Where relationships can be destroyed and families torn apart in courtroom litigations, Christian mediation in Phoenix helps to preserve, salvage, and even strengthen relationships. Mediation is also far less costly than litigation. While a mediator may charge a similar fee to an attorney, the total cost will ultimately be far less due to how quickly a dispute can be resolve with mediation instead of litigation. Court cases may not reach a resolution for months or even years, driving legal fees up all the while.

Where costly litigation often destroys relationships, Christian mediation can help heal and strengthen them, reaching mutually beneficial solutions to disputes. Furthermore, court hearings are public whereas mediation is strictly confidential. Only the mediator and involved parties will know the details of the matter or the agreed-upon resolution. Parties also have more control over the resolution with Christian mediation and are therefore more likely to be satisfied with the results.

Take the first step towards a peaceful resolution by seeking out Biblical mediation. For service in all states, call our Phoenix, Arizona office at (602) 340-8400 or contact us online today for a FREE consultation!

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