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Statement of Faith

How Christian Mediation in Phoenix Succeeds

Christian Mediation is a Christian business, and our mission and practice flow from a Christian perspective. By following the principles taught in the Bible when administering alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, we believe people are better able to reach amicable and mutual agreements to resolve their issues. For those in need of Phoenix Christian mediation, our team stands ready to help you solve problems peacefully.

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How Faith Guides Our Practices

Our mission at Christian Mediation is simple—by following Christian principles when helping parties in dispute to reach an agreement, we can help them find better solutions faster. We follow the core tenets and doctrines of our faith to provide hopeful guidance to people in conflict.

Christian Mediation believes:

  • There is one God, in Three Persons: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He was born of a virgin, crucified, dead and buried, and is risen from the dead and seated at the right hand of God in heaven, mediating for us
  • Jesus is coming back, as described in the book of Revelation, and that believers have an eternal future in heaven with Him
  • Salvation is obtained by faith in the work of Jesus Christ to forgive us for our sins. Salvation is a gift, given graciously to all who ask Jesus, and cannot be earned by good behavior. Salvation is permanent, and cannot be lost
  • The Holy Spirit lives in Christians and that He guides us into truth, helps us in our weaknesses, teaches us, and prays for us
  • The Bible is the Word of God, and is the authority in all matters of life and relationships

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If you would like to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict in your life, contact Christian Mediation. We have offices nationwide in most major cities and can help you resolve a dispute that otherwise may be bogged down in the civil legal system.

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