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Christian Mediation Services in Phoenix

When you face domestic or business disputes that need assistance, the team at Christian Mediation can help. Our nationwide network of Christian mediators has helped many people throughout Arizona to reach peaceful settlements and uphold their best interests without sacrificing their convictions. By involving a mediator to help you resolve a case, you can obtain the best possible outcome in a more peaceful way.

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Reaching Solutions Outside of the Courtroom

Christian Mediation is committed to helping our clients find solutions in ways that save them time, money, and stress. While disputes will happen in our fallen world, this does not require anyone to give into anger and hatred. We are here to help clients reach peaceful resolutions to their disagreements by providing collaborative methods where parties can work together.

No matter your dispute, Christian Mediation helps by offering:

  • Mediation – In order to settle disputes without going to court, mediation can be used to help the parties involved to listen to one another’s positions and work toward agreeing on a mutually acceptable outcome for all

  • Arbitration – As another means of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), arbitration involves a neutral third party to hear the arguments and evidence from each side to help decide the outcome of the case

Why Avoid Litigation?

Litigation is a hostile and adversarial method for resolving disputes. Because of the aggressive ways parties fight for their interests, there is often no way to maintain or salvage the relationship after a solution has been reached. Christian Mediation in Phoenix offers a way to help parties work together for their mutual interests.

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