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Even churches are not immune to problems in the civil legal system. With Christian Mediation’s network of biblically-focused mediators in Phoenix, churches can reach amiable solutions in a manner consistent with the Word of God. Our counselors have resolved hundreds of cases for individuals and organizations throughout the country. Combined with our faith, our mediation experience makes us highly qualified to help churches find peace out of court.

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Reasons to Choose Christian Mediation

The central theme for Christians is to humbly obey the word of God. When misunderstandings, disagreements, and disputes arise, the Bible calls for us to seek resolution with love and peace in our hearts. Virtually any issues arising in business disputes may also arise with a church and require the same approach to resolution.

Mediation with a Christian perspective is helpful in disputes involving:

The Bible Calls for Peaceful Resolution

In the New Testament, Jesus instructed His disciples to settle their conflicts quickly with the help of their fellow Christians instead of dragging each other through the courts. As much as the Bible has to say about the benefits of mediation, it also warns against the pitfalls of litigation and explains the risk of leaving the decision in the hands of unbelievers in the court.

Whether dealing with other Christians or with non-Christians, the Bible instructs Christ’s followers to never take their own revenge but instead trust God and overcome evil with good. Christian mediation in Phoenix and other forms of alternative dispute resolution are Christ-centered and reflect Jesus’ admonition to love one another as we love ourselves.

Benefits of Biblically-Centered Solutions

Churches involved in disputes would be wise to try mediation before litigating the matter in court. There are many other practical benefits of mediation that make it preferable to litigation in almost all situations.

Some of the benefits of Christian mediation include:

  • Keeping Disputes Private – Churches should resolve disputes as quietly as possible. Mediation allows church leaders and/or members to work through an issue without it becoming a matter of public record
  • Saving Time and Money – Time and money are valuable resources for churches. Mediation can help disputants reach an agreement in a matter of hours or days, whereas court cases can drag on for months or even years
  • Strengthening Church Relationships – Successful mediation is built on a foundation of communication, empathy, and respect. Mediators help disputing parties understand one another and work towards mutually-agreeable solutions. Compare this to litigation, where the “winner-take-all” mindset often puts incredible stress on relationships that are already strained or broken
  • Setting a Positive Example – Rather than dragging the other party through the court system and putting the decision in the hands of non-believers, seeking a peaceful resolution through mediation can set an incredibly powerful and positive example for members of your church and local community

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Christian Mediation in Phoenix works to resolve disputes by pursuing peace through Biblically-supported alternatives to litigation. As a Christian business, our mission is to honor God by promoting peaceful conflict resolution. Christian Mediation has successfully mediated hundreds of cases involving families, businesses, and churches. By applying God’s Word and Christian principles to facilitate peaceful dispute resolution, we spare churches the pain and grief of resolving matters in court. Our mediators in Phoenix also understand the unique needs of churches involved in a dispute, including issues of privacy and affordability.

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