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Christian business owners often find themselves in complex legal situations or disputes requiring professional help. Christians are called to resolve disputes in line with Biblical teachings, which means Christian business owners should try to resolve such disputes outside of court.

Our Christian mediators can help resolve many business-related claims that may otherwise find themselves on the way to trial.

A Christian business may seem to be no different from any other business, however the way that the Christian-owned business goes about resolving problems sets it apart. Christian-owned businesses also frequently have to deal with secular businesses and non-Christian business owners. The Bible calls for us to respect the views of others, even those who disagree with our own Christian beliefs and principles. Christian Mediation has expertise in business disputes ranging from contract issues and creditors’ claims to corporate dissolutions, mergers, and acquisitions. Our Christian mediators can help resolve many business-related claims that may otherwise find themselves on the way to trial.

Benefits of Mediation for Businesses

Mediation is an excellent option for business owners facing complex issues ranging from breaches of contract to collection matters. Mediation seeks to help both parties involved in a business dispute develop creative and mutually agreed-upon solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Christian business owners are called to seek peaceful resolutions outside of the court, but there are others reasons why mediation is beneficial for solving business disputes.

Unlike matters discussed in court, mediation proceedings are not a matter of public record. For sensitive business matters and other information that business owners would rather not be made available to the public, mediation allows parties to speak openly and directly to one another while maintaining absolute secrecy. Generally, what is said in mediation stays between the parties and mediator. To this end, mediation encourages the parties involved in a business dispute to frankly discuss the facts, their position, and all possible settlement options. This atmosphere of privacy and confidentiality lays the groundwork for successful dispute resolution.

Flexibility and control are two hallmarks of mediation. The parties involved in the mediation process develop an agreement that works best for them through communication, compromise, and empathy. For businesses involved in a dispute, the ability to have a say in the final outcome can be tremendously beneficial. In addition to being able to reach a more successful and mutually beneficial agreement faster than it would take to have a result imposed through a court judgement, putting the solution in the hands of the businesses at the center of the dispute can result in flexible and creative arrangements well beyond the limitations of a court proceeding. Skilled business mediators can also help parties examine a dispute within the context of best and worst alternatives as they relate to larger business goals to help reach the most beneficial solution.

When business owners come together in mediation to discuss the matter at hand and work towards a mutually agreeable solution, they avoid the antagonistic roles and combative exchanges that can arise from the traditional litigation process. Mediators facilitate open and honest dialogue between the parties involved, which gives mediation the distinct benefit over litigation to restore broken or strained relationships. In some cases, mediation can even help create new business opportunities for mutual gain between the disputants after helping each business work through the underlying issues. Part of the role and responsibility of the mediator is to bring parties together and facilitate conversations that can lead to new and more constructive ways of interacting in the future. 

When to Seek Mediation

Virtually any business dispute can be effectively resolved through mediation, especially mediation that is grounded in the spirit and teachings of the Lord. Regardless of the complexity of the dispute, the nature of the relationship between the businesses involved, and the solution either party is seeking, Christian Mediation can help solve any business matter, large or small.

Whatever the nature of the dispute, however it arose, and whatever you would like to see happen, Christian Mediation can help you resolve the issue quickly while honoring God and His command for Christians to seek peaceful resolutions outside of court.

Why Litigation is a Bad Idea for Businesses

There are many benefits of mediation for businesses involved in a dispute, but there are just as many drawbacks to litigation that make alternatives such as mediation preferable:

Read more about the pitfalls of litigation to learn why alternative dispute resolution should be your first approach to solving a business dispute.

If Mediation Fails

Mediation is not 100 percent effective in all cases, nor is it appropriate for all businesses in all disputes. In the event that mediation fails to resolve your dispute, or if we determine mediation is not the best course of action for your situation, we may recommend seeking resolution through arbitration. Although arbitration is more formal than mediation, as a form of alternative dispute resolution it is still a much better option than taking your case to court. And when overseen by an arbitrator familiar with Biblical principles of dispute resolution, arbitration can still honor God by presenting Christian business owners with a just and peaceful means of resolving a conflict.

The first step is to contact Christian Mediation and schedule your free no-risk consultation so we can learn more about your case, discuss the benefits of mediation, and explore alternative options for resolving your dispute. 

Next Steps

If you’re ready to explore your options, contact Christian Mediation. With offices nationwide in most major cities, one of our Christian mediators can meet with you to discuss your case and initiate the mediation process. We’re also happy to discuss other forms of Biblically supported alternative dispute resolution. Contact us online or call our Phoenix headquarters at (602) 340-8400 to schedule your free no-risk consultation.


And what does the LORD require of you

But to do justice, to love kindness,

And to walk humbly with your God?

– Micah 6:8 

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