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Pursuing Peacethrough Justice

And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?

Micah 6:8 (NASB)

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Our mission is to honor God by serving Christians, Christian businesses, and churches, by keeping their disputes out of the court system. By applying God’s Word, the Bible, and the civil laws of the land in order to facilitate peaceful problem resolution, we serve God and protect the reputation of His followers and thereby, His reputation. Christian Mediation helps to spare believers, Christian businesses, and churches from the shame, the pain, and the emotional and financial losses that so often occur during the process of litigation.

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Benefits of Mediation

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is a proven process for resolving difficult conflicts that encourages communication, cooperation, and compromise. Christian mediators trained in Biblical principles of conflict resolution assist individuals, families, businesses, and churches reach agreements without the emotional or financial damage that often accompanies disputes resolved through the legal system. Led by a person of faith and rooted in the teachings of the Bible, Christian mediation is a means for peaceful problem resolution.

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Pursuing Peace through Justice

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