Resolving Disputes as God Intended—Peacefully, Humbly, and with Love

Biblical Support For Mediation

Principles for Christian Mediation in Phoenix

Conflicts and disputes are not a new concept. Since the beginning of time, God has offered ways for his followers to solve their interpersonal concerns more peacefully. At Christian Mediation in Phoenix, we promote ways for people to reach mutually beneficial agreements that help them preserve both their interests and their relationships. By adhering to God's word as found in the Bible, we believe people have the opportunity to reach the best possible outcome.

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Biblical Principles of Conflict Resolution

Christian Mediation provides wise and impartial counsel to assist believers in resolving their problems outside of the courts. We are guided by Biblical principles and grounded in the belief that Christians are called to avoid litigation.

How Mediation is supported by the Bible:

Biblical Beginnings to Conflict Resolution

The Old Testament has established a precedent of moral conflict resolution as well. We can learn how to successfully resolve our disputes without becoming hostile by following these tenets.

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