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Pitfalls of Litigation

Why Mediation Can Offer Better Outcomes

While resolving disputes in court may seem like the fastest and most direct way to reach a conclusion, it is far more difficult and costly. Christian Mediation in Phoenix offers less stressful methods of resolving conflict that help believers preserve their relationships using Bible-based strategies. Call us today to learn more about mediation and arbitration processes that can resolve legal concerns faster and with less stress.

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Avoid Litigation & Preserve Relationships

Courtroom litigation requires each party to present their cases individually and have the outcome decided by a judge or jury. Because of the win/lose adversarial nature of this process, relationships are often destroyed, and trust is lost altogether. By utilizing collaborative dispute resolution methods, you can reach mutual agreements that help preserve crucial connections.

Litigation drawbacks can be summarized as C.A.R.T.S., and include:

  • Cost — Litigation is almost always more expensive than settling a dispute through alternative dispute resolution methods. While the hourly fees of a mediator or arbitrator compare to those of an attorney, the time billed to litigate a case can be exorbitant, especially if the case drags on. In some cases, one party may bully the other out of a claim by paying to drag a case on for months or even years. Even if someone obtains a favorable result, its value may be minimized by how much was spent to obtain it.

  • Aggravation — Litigation takes a tremendous emotional and psychological toll. Due to the high stakes involved, extended periods of litigation will adversely affect everyone involved. Many times, vindictive or hurtful claims are made in court by one party in an attempt to win the argument. Existing relationships are often sacrificed in exchange for victory on a particular claim.

  • Risk — You may lose. Litigation often implies a winner and a loser, suggesting the need for an all-or-nothing mentality, which is not effective in nuanced cases. Even cases that seem flawless can fall victim to unpredictable outcomes.

  • Time — Litigation can take years. Even simple cases can take months, if not years, to resolve. Coordinating the schedules of each party, their lawyers, and congested court dockets can prevent a case from being resolved for years, and this can take a toll on litigants.

  • Secrets — There is no privacy in litigation. Unlike mediation or arbitration, where the only attendees are those who are absolutely essential to the case, courts will make all proceedings public. If privacy and confidentiality are of any importance to you, try alternatives before choosing courtroom litigation.

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While litigation can sometimes be unavoidable, more and more people are choosing alternative dispute resolution methods to avoid issues involving monetary, privacy, personal, or emotional concerns. If you are in the middle of a personal, business, or church dispute, contact the nationwide network of Christian professionals at Christian Mediation.

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