Resolving Disputes as God Intended—Peacefully, Humbly, and with Love

Frequently Asked Questions

How Phoenix Christian Mediation Can Help You Succeed

Christian Mediation was founded as a means to provide believers with a Biblically-supported alternative to courtroom litigation. God calls for Christians to seek peaceful conflict resolution in all matters, and Christian Mediation provides the means to that end. By facilitating alternative dispute resolutions in matters that may otherwise be litigated through court proceedings, we aim to help clients preserve their personal, church, and business relationships. Here are some of the most common questions asked about Christian mediation.

How long does the mediation process usually take?

Mediation takes less time than litigation. Although every case is different, most issues can be resolved in days or weeks rather than the months and even years involved in the court system. The goal of mediation is to reach a mutually agreeable decision as quickly as possible to minimize the cost and stress associated with resolving a dispute. Christian Mediation helps people settle conflicts and move on with their lives in a timely manner.

What does mediation cost?

Without knowing the specific details of a conflict, it is not possible to know the exact costs of mediation. In general, it is less expensive than working with an attorney. While a mediator may charge a comparable fee, the time involved with mediation is usually much shorter, which can significantly lower costs. Mediator expenses are generally divided between disputants, so if a mediator charges $400 per hour, a two-party dispute will cost each disputant $200 per hour.

Why is mediation better than going to court?

Resolving a personal or business dispute through mediation will almost always take less time, cost less, and result in more amicable and agreeable outcomes than involving courts. Another major benefit of mediation is that the emphasis is on communication and compromise rather than "winning" and "losing." This helps to salvage--in some cases, strengthen—relationships that might otherwise be destroyed in a contentious litigation case.

What is Christian Mediation?

Christian Mediation seeks peaceful solutions to difficult and demanding disputes through the guidance and principles of the Bible. The Word of God compels us to resolve our earthly disputes in a manner that best preserves relationships and the reputations of Christ and His followers. Christian Mediation provides a means for reaching a fair and peaceful resolution in all matters that might otherwise be litigated in court.

Where can I meet with a Christian Mediator?

Christian Mediation is a nationwide mediation business with offices in most major cities.

What is the process of working with Christian Mediation?

The first step is to contact us online or call our Phoenix headquarters at (602) 560-1070.

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