Resolving Disputes as God Intended—Peacefully, Humbly, and with Love

Business-to-Business Mediation

Creating Favorable Solutions that Uphold Your Beliefs

Christian business owners often find themselves in complex legal situations or disputes requiring professional help. When called to resolve disputes in line with Biblical teachings, Christian business owners should try to resolve matters outside of court. At Christian Mediation, our Arizona mediation professionals help resolve business-related claims that may otherwise find themselves on the way to trial.

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Why Christian Mediation?

A Christian business may seem no different from other businesses, but they set themselves apart by how they resolve problems. The Bible calls for us to respect the views of others, even when those views disagree with our own beliefs and principles. For Christian business owners who frequently work with secular businesses, Christian Mediation can help with business disputes ranging from contract issues and creditors' claims to corporate dissolutions, mergers, and acquisitions.

Benefits of Mediation for Businesses

Mediation is an excellent option for business owners facing complex issues. Mediation seeks to help those involved in a business dispute develop creative and beneficial solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Christian business owners are called to seek peaceful resolutions outside of the court, but there are other reasons why mediation is beneficial for solving business disputes.

By choosing mediation over courtroom litigation, you avoid problems such as:

  • Long, Drawn-Out Courtroom Proceedings
  • Decisions That May Not Consider Larger Business Objectives
  • Disputes Becoming Matters of Public Record
  • Opening Up the Door for Future Lawsuits
  • Spending More Time and Money Enforcing Outcomes

Preserve Business Relationships

When business owners come together to discuss matters and work towards mutually-agreeable solutions, they avoid the antagonistic roles and combative exchanges that can arise from the traditional litigation process. With open and honest dialogue between the parties, mediation can prevent broken or strained relationships. In some cases, mediation can even help create new business opportunities.

When to Seek Mediation

Virtually any business dispute can be resolved effectively through mediation, especially mediation that is grounded in the spirit and teachings of the Lord. Regardless of the complexity of the dispute, the nature of the relationship between the businesses involved, and the solution either party is seeking, Christian Mediation can help solve any business matter, large or small.  

If Mediation Fails

Mediation is not 100% effective in all cases, nor is it appropriate for all business disputes. In the event that mediation fails to resolve your dispute, or if we determine mediation is not the best course of action, we may recommend seeking resolution through arbitration. Although this route is more formal than mediation, it is still a much better option than taking your case to court. When overseen by an arbitrator familiar with Biblical principles of dispute resolution, arbitration can still honor God by presenting Christian business owners with a just and peaceful means of resolving a conflict.

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