Resolving Disputes as God Intended—Peacefully, Humbly, and with Love

The Benefits of Mediation

Helping Resolve Disputes in More Constructive Ways

Mediation refers to any instance where a third party helps others reach an agreement. By helping the parties find common ground and dispose of unrealistic expectations, mediation has become an accepted solution for peacefully resolving conflict. Christian Mediation offers clients a structure, timetable, and dynamics that courtroom negotiation lacks. Our private and confidential Christian mediators use Biblical principles to make decisions enforceable by law for clients.

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How Mediation Can Help Reduce Time and Expenses

Mediation helps parties in a disagreement settle their disputes without having to go to court. When all parties take the time to hear the other positions and work toward mutually acceptable outcomes, there is less hostility and demonizing of the other party. Rather than the win-lose outcomes of courtrooms, mediators open dialogue to help the parties reach a win-win resolution.

Some of the most notable benefits of mediation include:

  • Cost and Timeliness — While mediator fees are comparable to those of an attorney, the mediation process generally takes less time, meaning less is spent on hourly fees and costs.

  • Strict Confidentiality — While court hearings are public, one of the cornerstones of mediation is that it remains strictly confidential. No one but the parties involved knows what happened, protecting them from having to testify in court about the content.

  • More Control — While judges and juries control the outcomes in court, mediation increases the control parties have over the resolution and offers solutions that judges or juries often cannot provide. Mediators offer solutions by interpreting the concerns of each side and reaching a settlement.

  • Greater Compliance — As both parties collaborate to reach a solution, compliance with these outcomes is usually high. As the parties spend less on enforcing agreements, compliance also has the effect of reducing costs and leaving the involved parties more satisfied.

  • Broader Range of Solutions — Mediators are trained in working through difficult situations and can help the parties think outside the box for possible solutions. With open communication, mediators can act as a neutral facilitator to help parties collaborate better.

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Mediation is an excellent solution for those interested in reaching solutions to their family, business, or church disputes. To learn more, call us or refer to our Biblical support page to see what the Bible says about alternative dispute resolution and why believers should seek mediation first.

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