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While mediation resolves disputes faster and more easily than litigation, it is not always possible or appropriate. Arbitration is another method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) where a neutral third party hears the arguments and evidence presented from each side and decides the outcome of the case. This process is more flexible and often has more relaxed rules of procedure than a court proceeding. Christian Mediation in Phoenix has helped many clients resolve their issues using arbitration.  

There are many reasons why arbitration may be the preferred method of dispute resolution, including:

  • Lower Cost — Arbitration generally costs substantially less than court proceedings due to the much shorter resolution time. With attorneys billing by the hour, the amount of time required to settle a dispute in court may make litigating a claim uneconomical.

  • Less Time — Similar to mediation, the time required to settle a dispute through arbitration is usually far less than the time required to resolve the matter in court. An arbitrator can reach a ruling quickly, whereas courtroom resolution can take months to years, putting the involved parties in a state of unrest and uncertainty with regard to the disputed matters.

  • More Confidential — In general, confidentiality in arbitration proceedings is regarded as confidential. The confidential nature of arbitration is important because it encourages both parties to be forthcoming and honest when attempting to resolve the dispute.

  • Neutrality — Arbitrators appointed to preside over a dispute must be approved as impartial by both parties prior to presiding. The impartiality of the arbitrator is essential to both parties in maintaining confidence in the process as a whole.

  • Flexibility — Arbitration allows for customized responses to unique disputes that are not possible with courtroom methods. While arbitration gives parties less control than mediation does, its relaxed rules of procedure and evidence help to better accommodate the preferences of everyone involved as compared to taking a claim to court

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