Resolving Disputes as God Intended—Peacefully, Humbly, and with Love

About Christian Mediation

Finding Peaceful Solutions to Disputes

Christian Mediation is a nationwide group of qualified Christian professionals, including lawyers and trained counselors, who use the alternative dispute resolution techniques of mediation and arbitration instead of the traditional legal concept of litigation. Our Biblically-based techniques help Christian individuals, businesses, and churches to resolve problems that may otherwise be bogged down in the civil legal system.

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How We Can Help

Before you seek to resolve any personal or commercial legal matters in court, let Christian Mediation help you find a peaceful solution through alternative dispute resolution.

We provide conflict resolution services for:

  • Person to person – The Bible calls for Christians to resolve disputes without going to court. Our counselors and mediators specialize in resolving such matters peacefully outside of court, regardless of whether both parties involved are Christian
  • Business to Business – Alternative dispute resolution is ideal for any business. Christian Mediation specializes in complex and time-sensitive business disputes between Christian and non-Christian businesses alike
  • Churches – Churches involved in disputes with members, staff, businesses, government agencies or other churches can find peaceful resolution through mediation

Our Roots

Christian Mediation was founded by David L. Rose and his wife, Karen. After litigating, mediating, and serving in a judicial capacity for more than two decades, David chose to continue his public service and honor his commitment to God by promoting mediation services as an alternative to traditional litigation.

Christian Mediation counselors have mediated hundreds of family law cases and have helped parties achieve satisfactory outcomes that minimize stress, time, and money. No matter how simple or complex the matter at hand, Christian Mediation can help you reach a satisfactory end while honoring God and His commandments.

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